Next Power Journey to Teotihuacan


My first power journey to our beloved Teotihuacan, Mexico in 2 years is scheduled and already filling up.  If this is your year to be in the sacred magic of this ancient site, discover who you “truly” are, experience the ceremonies and celebrations of the ancestors and be held in beauty and transformation, please contact me here: for your 30-minute Complimentary Session to explore if this is the journey you are seeking.

with all my love, Liz

In the Spirit of Earth Day

In the Spirit of Earth Day, may we all honour the lands we reside on and offer gratitude to the Indigenous Peoples for the privilege of living where we live and play, the lands where we work and raise our families, the communities that are built on these lands that we are visitors upon. 

Thank you.

The first of my “3 Steps to Personal Freedom” “Live” on Facebook begins Monday April 25th 

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Deep Connection (plus some updates)

Bandelier — Ancient cliff dwellings in the ancestral homelands of the Pueblo people.

As I write this, I am a few days from completing an “Emotional and Physical Cleanse” that I and our community participate in every year in the Spring season to bring awareness to our whole self: our physical well-being, our emotional responses, our minds, and our spiritual life. It is a few weeks of bringing our attention to our habits, up-leveling our self-respect with honouring ourselves in our day-to-day activities, and sitting still and quiet to “hear” our subtler guidance. Each year the cleanse is a time of deep reflection that I appreciate and feel the alignment of the renewal of the Spring season in myself.

Many of you know of my deep connection to the southwest high deserts of New Mexico USA. I have spent time in various areas of the state of New Mexico for the past 30 years or more. Even though I was born and raised beside the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of BC Canada and will always have a deep love and familial bond for that gorgeous place, my heart and I feel my soul has had a karmic relationship with the land, the peoples, the culture, the spirit of New Mexico.

Those many years ago found me at my proverbial fork in the road of my life, unfulfilled, in a monotone kind of autopilot existence, knowing in the deepest part of myself, my spirit was starving for more of something I couldn’t even name. My final decision-making guidance came in my dream state in 1988 and I knew then, it was the moment to step up and step into my courage in a way that felt a bit like a free fall.

I left my entire life on the coast and moved to Santa Fe New Mexico, with very little money or plan, other than being accepted in a school to learn how to serve others with healing art modalities. That decision opened the doors that led me to my most powerful spiritual teachers that set me on the path I continue to walk to this day. That same decision introduced me to some of the biggest influencers of my personal and professional life thus far. 

The tug and then the push that moved me down that unknown fork in my road was my heart saying, “Trust me on this one, I know something you can’t see yet!”

I will not lie; it was not easy. It was challenging, exciting, interesting, terrifying, heart opening, confidence building, and healing in too many ways to write about here. I had to learn some truths about myself that I had been hiding under a whole lot of agreements and beliefs that I came to understand weren’t even mine.

As I reflect on that time of my life, I am so grateful that I chose the path that I did and didn’t settle for the comfy fit of ease that was not nourishing my soul in the ways I was hungry for.

Have you ever felt like there is “more” of you that has not been discovered yet? That old programming is keeping you from “stepping up and stepping into” your truth? I would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts in the private Facebook group Loving Transformation with Liz Forrest.

I have been studying, practicing, and teaching wisdom based in Toltec teachings for the past 25 years. I have witnessed firstly myself, change and grow and evolve, time and time again, and have had the great privilege of witnessing many others do the same through these practices and tools.

Please join me for the first “3 Steps to Personal Freedom” In my private Facebook group Loving Transformation with Liz Forreston Mondays: April 25th, May 2nd, and May 9th from 11:00 to 11:15 am MT. If you are not yet a member, please join here. I would love to have you in our community of like-spirited folks.

Bandelier — Ancient cliff dwellings in the ancestral homelands of the Pueblo people.


  • I am leaving registration for my Mastery of Empowerment course open until April 30th with private one-to-one classes with me to get you started on this path of healing your past “story” and creating your new Dream Life!
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Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

~ Rumi

What makes Community?

(excerpt from Liz’s Spring 2022 Newsletter)

It has been an interesting, challenging, and changing year since we welcomed the Spring Equinox of 2021! Would you agree?And here we are, (in the northern hemisphere), at the time of the Mother Earth’s re-birth with longer days, warmer weather, and buds being drawn into life once again.
I have always trusted that all I need to know, I can find reflected back to me in nature. The changing and challenging transitions we all face as we walk our path, the beauty of simplicity, the teachings and acceptance of endings and completions. The gifts of all that we experience while holding joy, excitement, fear, and sadness perhaps all at once!
A dear friend of mine often says “Joy and grief live in the same house” and I say Ometeotl to that wisdom.I have been in many discussions in my circles in these recent times, exploring how to maintain our grounded centre in ourselves, how to live with open compassionate hearts amidst chaos and how to be brave every chance we get to continue to forge our way through this new way of being that we are all being called to create.
The consistent response to these inquires is always revealed as:being with like-spirited people.having support by being what I call “held and heard” no matter what state we are in, in the moment.being able to share whatever is on our hearts in a safe and caring environment with no fear of judgement.
Having this kind of sanctuary instills renewed Faith in ourselves, cultivates faith in Divinity, faith that we will come through whatever is challenging us because we feel respected and cared for. This is true community in my view.Another element that is helpful, well, for me it’s essential, is actual practices to strengthen my faith in this miraculous journey of living!
If you have not yet received my gift of 3 Practices Of Self-Love please click on the link for the .pdf you can print out to remind you of who you truly are.I appreciate our community deeply and the unique space you each hold in our circle. Thank you for all that you offer every day to be of service in your life.I thank you from my heart to yours for being a part of this community and the new paradigm that we are all maneuvering the very best we can!
If you are not yet a member of my private Facebook group, Loving Transformation With Liz Forrest, I would so love to have you join us to be “held and heard” with a whole bunch of like-spirited folks!
I send each of you blessings and all my love,

Emotional and Physical Cleanse

(excerpt from Liz’s Spring 2020 Newsletter)

Spring Equinox is almost upon us!  A time of renewal of life on our great Mother Earth in the northern hemisphere. A time of less  darkness of winter days and more of  lighter longer days of spring.  Everywhere I look life is pushing up through the soil to be nourished and awoken by the sun.  

In our Toltec community, I was introduced to a practice by don Miguel Ruiz many years ago that I have continued to do annually along, with many others that I have passed it on to. 

It is an “Emotional and Physical Cleanse” for about 7 weeks.  It is a practice of awareness of ourselves on every level;  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  

  • We eat a vegan diet and exclude processed foods, sugars and alcohol.
  • We become aware of our emotions and allow ourselves to be with those feelings without the feelings dominating our life experiences.
  • We sit in silent meditation each evening, observing our thoughts coming and going and maintaining our focus on our breath or a chosen mantra.
  • We up our level of self-respect and connect with our own Divinity by taking the best care of ourselves, with all our love and attention.

How aligned my cleanse is feeling, considering these mysterious and strange times we are in regarding the Covid-19 virus that is circulating among us. 

 In my stillness, I am reflecting and reminded of another impactful
time in my life when an unknown illness began to arise in my community, in my friends, in my co-workers, and fear became a powerful force of separation and rejection for many of those that I knew.  

AIDS was a chapter of much sorrow and grief in my lifetime.  And through the fear and unknown, I experienced an extraordinary coming together of those of us that decided to choose love over the permeating fear that was as strong a force as the virus itself.  

I experienced compassion and respect simultaneously with all the heartbreak of saying goodbye and letting go of many dear friends.  A strength in community and a bonding that changed our community in ways that are still spoken of and lived today.   

My hope is to remember what I  learned from the AIDS chapter of my life and choose the love over the fear in today’s experience of this new unknown.  I encourage us all to be aware, to keep ourselves healthy, AND to put all of our attention on the love.

Leave the fear and chaos to diminish without our nourishment.  


Thoughts on Change

(excerpt from Liz’s June 2019 Newsletter)

Everything changes.  Every. single. thing.

Physical structures wear down and need maintenance or replacing.  Our cars wear out, our clothes get shabby, and our favourite mug gets chipped with time and use.  Our roles and jobs may change through the passing of time.  Children don’t need their parents in the same way as they grow up and move out.  Our job roles can change from front line work to management, or from working for others to retirement.  People come into our lives and they also leave our lives through choice, through natural completions, through death.

It seems we can be so surprised when things in our lives change,
even though we know it is the one thing that we can rely on, change is constant and continual.   So when those inevitable changes come, do you lament and stay stuck with the “what was” or flow right into the forward motion of it all?  

I know I have at times caused myself some suffering by keeping one foot in the past while the other foot tries hard to move forward into the space that is now open to receive me.

The Toltecs teach that the Angel of Death is always travelling with us.  That this Angel will take everything from us eventually, even our bodies.  Nothing is ours to keep, all belongs to the Angel of Death.  

In Mexico, the traditions of Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, teach us about honouring the ancestors, that have travelled and opened the path for us in many ways.  In an aware state, this ruthless Angel of Death helps us to accept all the transitions and transformations of our life by reminding us to LIve Life!  

The Angel of Life travels with us also, in synchronicity and with so much love.   All we are required to do is see the Love:  in someone’s eyes, in the natural world, in a deep breath of fresh air.  
Enjoy your self today, open your eyes and see the love that is surrounding you.

I send you mine.


Thoughts on Forgiveness

(excerpt from Liz’s Spring Newsletter from 2019)

Lately I have been thinking a lot about “forgiveness”.  Over my years of sitting in circles with others, I have had many realizations about the word “forgiveness.”  Many spiritual teachers and teachings talk about letting go of anger and suffering from experiences involving others that we feel hurt or wronged by.  They make it sound so simple, “Just let it go!”  Just let go of the abandonment, the betrayal,  pain and suffering, physical, emotional and otherwise.  “Just let it go!”  How on earth do we do that?  As I have asked myself that question over my years and sat in circles with many others asking that exact question of themselves, one thing I have learned for sure, is however I begin to move towards forgiveness, which is my own healing, it must be true for me. 

In my opinion, forgiveness does not come overnight.  It is a big intent to heal towards forgiveness and a big ask, to seek someone’s forgiveness.  I know forgiveness comes in stages and that we are solely responsible for taking the steps to free ourselves (yes ourselves!) from the suffering we deem others have caused.  Forgiving another does not mean we agree with their actions taken.  What forgiving others can do is reclaim our empowerment from the experience.  To continue to be victimized by the experience, tells us it still has power over us.  Forgiving takes us to our personal freedom.

I would like to share  some steps I have learned that really helped me in my forgiveness practices.

  •  I take responsibility for my life exactly as it is now and  honour (not reject)  all my feelings about it.  This can lead to less projection onto others and the expectation that its someone else’s responsibility to “fix” things for me.
  • Be open to the lessons being offered through the experience I am having, and share them with someone I trust.  When we can accept the lessons, as difficult as they may be, it is an opportunity to awaken, not punish.  The Toltecs teach that this is when your parasite becomes your ally.
  • Know that we are all seeking love, even though under the circumstances this may be very difficult to see through someone else’s actions.  Without awareness, the wounded young self within all of us, can cause so much hurt and damage through unconscious actions.  When we can begin to glimpse this perception, the door to compassion begins to open.

I wish you all a beautiful renewal time as we enjoy the spring season!  
I send each of you my love,