Dream of the Planet

Hello and Blessings to you!

I am currently in New Mexico, soaking up the sun and desert energy that nourishes me to my core. Every day I go and sit in the morning sun, with my bare feet in the dusty sand of this land and offer my prayers in gratitude for my health, my life, and all the love that surrounds me, in the form of human, animal, bird, tree and rock.


Within all the challenges of this last year, I do my best to take the Eagle’s view beyond the layers of normal perception and shift into a broader perception of distance and expansiveness, regardless of what is being projected from the multitude of sources out there in the Dream of the Planet, especially now.

I am not finding it easy and I am discovering possibility, inspiration and even Miracles.  Thank the Creator for Miracles!  

Every other year in the past 20 or so of them, I would be preparing and soon be heading off to Teotihuacan, Mexico with a group of seekers, to immerse ourselves in the practices, traditions and culture of the Toltec people.  I choose to go at this time each year, to participate in the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) ceremonies of honouring the ancestors with prayer and celebration.

Due to the global situation at this time, I understand that all ceremonies and celebrations for this sacred time have been cancelled in Mexico. The cancellations of these cultural and traditional ceremonies are a great loss and not only in the most obvious ways of the celebratory nature of the creativity, song and special foods of the time.  I recognize it  as a much deeper loss for the peoples who hold the lineage of these traditions and have for generations, as a way of coming together to uphold and carry forward the ancient practices of their heritage in the ways it has been done year after year after year.  My heart is heavy for this reason.  

As a person who has very little information of my own heritage, I hold deep respect for the teachings I have received from my mentors in Teotihuacan over these years and so much reverence for the pride in which they are carried forward to their next generations.

This year I will build my own offrenda (altar) and offer my love, my prayers, candle-light, and photos, the foods and drinks my ancestors enjoyed, and watch and listen over the day and night for any guidance they may offer me.

I encourage you all to do this, to open your hearts and appreciate from where you have come and all the paths that were cleared for you by your ancestors to stand exactly where you are today.  

For our beloved family in Teotihuacan, la familia de Cervantes, I ask for those of you that know them and those of you that have not had that  great good fortune yet, to please include them in your prayers  to warm and soothe their hearts at this time of Dia de los Muertos, as they have had great personal loss in this past year.  Thank you,

To each of you I send all my love.
To the Eagle I send my respect and gratitude for the higher vision.