Reflections from participants of our programs:

“It’s Thanksgiving weekend and my family is getting together, my daughter from Vancouver, her dad (my ex) from the Gulf Islands. We separated in 2005 and I can tell you with certainty, that without the Toltec teachings so skillfully facilitated by Liz, we would not be gathering gratefully on this holiday, or any other for that matter.

“Liz helped me navigate and heal the intense pain of these losses – of my relationship, my family and my identity, helping us to co-parent in a way that respected our daughter’s needs. Relationships are dynamic and there is no “other side” to get to, but with these tools, you can trust yourself to get through the conflicts as they arrive and it becomes easier and more loving with each round. There is a lot of peace and harmony in my family now. Thank you, Liz, from the wholeness of my heart.”




I have been a student for eleven years and have gone on 16 journeys with Liz Forrest. This is no longer a practice for me it’s a way of life.  With every breath I am in my awareness of who I am. Every journey has taken me to another level of awareness and allowed me  to create my own heaven on earth and I feel blessed. I am for the first time in my life able to say proudly I am a woman of power and who I am makes a difference. With My Deepest Gratitude    



Liz Forrest is one of a kind.  She delivers the Toltec teachings in an authentic powerful and loving way.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her. With her guidance, I learned how to reclaim energy from my past, live with intention and courage at a time when I felt powerless and overwhelmed.    



I have studied with Liz intensively for 15 years.  I came to the practice in a state of desperation, not knowing if I would recover from my many perceived losses.  I have slowly and systematically, with the guidance of my teacher, retrieved my energy from the mire of beliefs that had me trapped in a living hell.  I am full of joy and gratitude for my life and this practice.  Thank you Liz  

-Barbara Marie


The Toltec Practice has given me the opportunity to heal old wounds that have laid buried inside of me for many years and to do it in a way that allowed me to heal myself, to regain my own individual power. These teachings have given me a spiritual basis from which to work towards creating a new way of being myself, of being at peace with myself, of realizing my own self-worth.    

– Sam


I am in deep gratitude for my Toltec practice with Liz Forrest. It has allowed me to see myself and others more clearly.  I feel changed each week when I leave group and feel a homecoming when I sit in circle with my fellow warriors.  Amidst the swirl that life can be, Toltec group is a reminder and reconnection with what is real and important.  I have been seen in such deep ways and challenged to step into my truth and self love even when it terrified me—the scarier it was, the greater the gift of love and transformation.  I wish for everyone to have such an experience of love and empowerment.    



Liz Forrest helped hold up a mirror of strength, determination, self-love, and unchanging compassion for me. It wasn’t so much that she told me what actions I could take to empower myself, but showed me who I was underneath all my fears. It is that girl, the true person I was before I got scared of so many things, that was ready to find personal power. After meeting and working with Liz, I realized that anything I truly valued about myself was worth embracing. I have sincerely become the person I always wanted to be because of my work with Liz.