Late-Summer Newsletter (August 8/2023)

In last week’s Transformation Tuesday program, I was talking about Abundance. Abundance in all the ways we receive abundance in our lives. We had a beautiful interesting discussion about what Abundance means to us individually.

Sometimes we relate abundance to our assets or how much money we have and then realize there is so much more Abundance in our lives than practical attributes!

People shared their appreciation of the abundance of food in their lives, the abundance of creativity within themselves, the abundance of nature they have access to, the abundance of health, and so much more.

If you would like to watch the replay of Transformation Tuesday click any of the following streaming options and please join in the discussion with your perception of abundance, I would love to know the abundance you appreciate in your life!

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As summer moves along into its closing days and we get ready to welcome autumn, I am so very grateful for all the abundance in my life of the harvest of our garden, the travels I went on and was surrounded with the love of family, friends and community, the peaceful restful times beside the river, and clear starlit nights to sit under and gaze toward the vastness of the sky we live under.

I also had the great pleasure and honour of welcoming some spiritual questers into our Toltec community that I had not met yet at my workshops and gatherings last month.

My Teotihuacan, Mexico pilgrimage over Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) registration is almost full.  If you are truly, undoubtedly ready to lay down your past and launch yourself into the life you desire and deserve, this journey will provide you that transformation.

On this journey you will have an exclusive opportunity to experience the teachings and ceremonies of the Toltec by participating in intimate ceremonies of reverence, tradition, beauty, creativity, food, and song, in the honouring of your ancestors.

Click here to request a Complimentary 30-minute Zoom session for more details if your heart is calling you to join us on this Power Journey.

Some pictures of my summer for you to enjoy…

Some happy squash
Mexican sunflowers, that the butterflies love!
Resting by the river