New Moon Newsletter (January 10, 2024)

I am happily on the west coast of British Columbia, immersed in the greens of the forest, the blues of the ocean and the call of the eagles!  🦅

It is a New Moon on Thursday January 11th and New Moon time is a most powerful time to set your Intent and align with the energies the New Moon brings to us. We are all in a time of transformation, by simply being human, and the New Moon time can support us as we work with shifting old unserving habits and patterns and stepping into what is true for us now.

I only have a couple of spaces left in my “A Day with Liz Forrest” workshop at Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island this Sunday January 14th!

If you are ready to learn:

  • A Toltec Shamanic energy practice to reclaim your energy, release other’s energies and direct your precious energy where you truly desire.
  • Dream interpretation to uncover the messages you hold in your dream state.
  • Tools to break free from limiting belief systems.
  • Be with other seekers in a sacred circle to learn, share and enjoy!

Click here to register:

or email me here: to book a Complimentary Zoom session with me for more details.

See you soon amidst the call of the eagles!

All my love


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Blessed Solstice!

“Don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. It’s quiet down there, but the roots are riotous.”

The first morning of the returning of the light, gave an incredible display of colour at sunrise today,  all pinks and purples of the gentlest hues.

I offered a beautiful solstice ceremony that I and my community have been doing for years, in my “Transformation Tuesday” show on Dec 19th.
It’s not too late to hold yours! Click the video link below to learn about our ceremony!
I welcome the longer days AND I appreciate the dark stillness of winter as I am guided to the deeper and more subtle places in myself to be curious and open to explore for my personal growth.
January is the perfect time to learn tools to do just that as we step into the new year! To release old ways of being and step into your “new beginning” with Shamanic practices based in Toltec wisdom!
I will be on Vancouver Island at beautiful Shawnigan Lake for an intimate workshop teaching energy practices, dream interpretation and other Toltec tools to  break free from limiting beliefs that may be keeping you “small”.
I have very few spots left, so if you are wanting to expand and grow (who doesn’t?) into the life of your dreams, contact me here for a complimentary Zoom session for all the details. Or if you are ready, register here :
Register for A Day with Liz Forrest at Shawnigan Lake

Transformation Tuesday is moving to my public “Toltec Teachings with Liz Forrest” Facebook page starting January 2nd.

Join me each Tuesday at 11 am PT / noon MT for a free, transformative, 15-minute session.

Liz Forrest’s Winter Newsletter (December 2, 2023)

When December arrives, I often find myself reflecting on the past year… all the experiences I had, all the people I met, all the magic moments I was part of, all the gifts and lessons I received from these experiences. I feel deeply grateful for the life I am living.

And then my heart becomes heavy about the multiple wars occurring right now, the homelessness I witness everyday and the suffering that is prevalent everywhere. Joy and grief existing simultaneously as a consistent.

I asked a group I was with recently, “How do you ‘give back’ to help or support the needs of other people in whatever cause you feel strongly about?”

There were many compassionate shares: some give money, some give time, some give items, some give service, and all give their heart-felt care, concern, and prayers.  I respect and appreciate all the ways the members of that group offer up their service and I do some of the same myself.

Something else I actively do is build community.  Community of people that are striving to live aware and conscious of all the ways we can be actively part of the Evolutionary time we are in, by taking responsibility for any old unserving beliefs and ways of being that are no longer relevant, to be open to learning and growing  continually, to be the best humans we can be. Every day.

Thank you for being part of this community   🙏🏽

I am travelling north in January, to my birthplace, the place of forests, ocean, and mountains.

I can’t wait to  smell the air in a forest of grandmother fir trees and the intoxication of the aroma of pine needles on the path  after a big rain!

I am super excited to be offering a ONE-DAY WORKSHOP IN-PERSON on Vancouver Island at Shawnigan Lake!

  • To come together to learn, practice, connect and share!
  • To celebrate being in person and in community once again!

I would love to reunite with you again or meet for the very first time in the kind of energy  and space that will  be created to explore Toltec Wisdom as brought forth by don Miguel Ruiz Sr., the renowned author of “The Four Agreements”,  Bernadette Vigil, author of “The Mastery of Awareness” a well-known teacher with the Island community and my mentor of 30 years, don Valentin Cervantes, Toltec healer and wisdom carrier.

Holiday Blessings to each of you!

With all my love,


Autumn Newsletter (October 25, 2023)

I love this time of year.  Autumn has always felt like the “New Year” to me so much more than January!

Watching nature change her colours and release her foilage to bed down and go into a restful inward time of fallow ground to create fertility once again!

I have just completed my 3-month AWAKENING course with an incredible group of seekers, just like you, who shifted many beliefs and limitations they were holding from their past, without fully realizing the influence the past had on  their present happiness!  Now they are flying 🦅 and creating the lives they truly desire utilizing the Shamanic tools and practices they learned in just 3 months of AWAKENING.

I am excited to be offering this course again starting November 17th!  If you are ready to learn energy practices to reclaim your self from your past, dismantle your  Judge and Victim to free your precious self from guilt and shame and hang out with a group of like-spirited open- hearted people (just like you!), contact me at to book a complimentary 30-minute session for more information.



Mastery of Transformation, A Path of Personal Evolution
begins Nov 11th.

This is an intensive 9-month immersion into the deeper aspects of self, to track ancestral wounding, heal the “Mother Wounds” you may be carrying from being “your” Mother’s child, and learn how to integrate the supports of the elements, the directions, and the natural world into your daily life. This is an in-depth study of the energy practices and tools of Toltec Shamanism that enables participants to lay down their past (finally) to step fully into their present and manifest their future.

A prerequisite is required for this course. Email to schedule your 30-minute Complimentary session with me for more information.

Transformation Tuesdays free LIVE shows will return weekly from November 7th at noon MT (11 am PT) with more tools, practices, and special guests to share wisdom and have inspirational conversations about all manner of enlightening topics. Join me!

All previous recordings are up on the Loving Transformation with Liz Forrest Facebook Group and Toltec Teachings with Liz Forrest Facebook Page, as well as on my YouTube Channel.
I am on my way to the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico presently to meet my group of empowered seekers (just like you!) to  begin their own personal Power Journey and to embark on the pilgrimage of honouring the ancestors over The Day of the Dead.
Many blessings to each of you and all my love,                  Liz ❤️  🦅

Late-Summer Newsletter (August 8/2023)

In last week’s Transformation Tuesday program, I was talking about Abundance. Abundance in all the ways we receive abundance in our lives. We had a beautiful interesting discussion about what Abundance means to us individually.

Sometimes we relate abundance to our assets or how much money we have and then realize there is so much more Abundance in our lives than practical attributes!

People shared their appreciation of the abundance of food in their lives, the abundance of creativity within themselves, the abundance of nature they have access to, the abundance of health, and so much more.

If you would like to watch the replay of Transformation Tuesday click any of the following streaming options and please join in the discussion with your perception of abundance, I would love to know the abundance you appreciate in your life!

Join or return to Loving Transformation with Liz Forrest Facebook group

or go to the Toltec Teachings with Liz Forrest Facebook page

or go to my YouTube channel

As summer moves along into its closing days and we get ready to welcome autumn, I am so very grateful for all the abundance in my life of the harvest of our garden, the travels I went on and was surrounded with the love of family, friends and community, the peaceful restful times beside the river, and clear starlit nights to sit under and gaze toward the vastness of the sky we live under.

I also had the great pleasure and honour of welcoming some spiritual questers into our Toltec community that I had not met yet at my workshops and gatherings last month.

My Teotihuacan, Mexico pilgrimage over Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) registration is almost full.  If you are truly, undoubtedly ready to lay down your past and launch yourself into the life you desire and deserve, this journey will provide you that transformation.

On this journey you will have an exclusive opportunity to experience the teachings and ceremonies of the Toltec by participating in intimate ceremonies of reverence, tradition, beauty, creativity, food, and song, in the honouring of your ancestors.

Click here to request a Complimentary 30-minute Zoom session for more details if your heart is calling you to join us on this Power Journey.

Some pictures of my summer for you to enjoy…

Some happy squash
Mexican sunflowers, that the butterflies love!
Resting by the river