Mastery of Transformation

This is an intensive healing and transformative course rooted in Toltec wisdom and practices.  In this 6-month course you will:

  • Learn the next level of STALKING your energy lines, which teaches how to generate stronger energy and impeccable focus to free yourself from being enslaved to the belief systems of your past.
  • Learn the meaning and how to integrate the supports of the Mesoamerican Medicine Wheel into your practice.
  • Energetically track your ancestral wounding with your current family, to release pain and influence from these relationships affecting you today.
  • Master The Mother Book process which offers the deepest healing for yourself, as you explore the most profound connection of this life, your experiences of the person  who very literally, brought you here, your Mother.  This intensive Toltec practice develops your tool of  “witnessing” being your Mother’s child objectively, without blame or judgement, through practices and tools of Shamanism, allowing you to finally live in the truth of who you really are.
  • Whether your Mother is in body or in the Spirit world, whether she raised you or you didn’t know your Mother, this process is the most transformative work you can give yourself.
  • Completing The Mother Book process, additionally opens insights and awarenesses for parents to explore their past and current relationships with their own children.
  • Be part of a like-spirited community that supports each other with open hearts and non-judgement.
  • March 4 to August 16, 2024
  • Fridays 10 am to noon MT / 9 am to 11 am PT
  • live via Zoom
  • $327 per month
    (PayPal online payments subject to additional 4% card processing fee. Canadian registrants can avoid the surcharge by choosing the Interac e-transfer payment option)
  • PREREQUSITE: A prerequisite is required for this course. Email to schedule your 30-minute Complimentary session with me for more information.

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