Spring 2023 Newsletter

Happy Spring Equinox to You!

Blessed renewal, balance, and aligning with the cycle of nature, as we move into more light and less darkness in our days in the northern hemisphere. A time for “planting our seeds of Intent” for a season of new ideas, growth, and creation.

Many of us in our community participate in an “emotional and physical cleanse” for a few weeks before Spring, to prepare our bodies, minds, our emotional bodies, and to deepen our connection to our Divinity.

I visited one of my favourite places here in New Mexico on the weekend, Jemez springs on the Jemez Pueblo, to sit in the natural mineral springs, to cleanse and nourish my body, to quiet my mind, and to reflect on the waters I am privileged to have access to.

One of the natural hot springs near the Jemez bathhouse.

The Native people consider the waters to be sacred.
Long before the stagecoach brought white settlers here, the Native people of the area used these hot springs for healing and spiritual activities. Centuries ago, it was the ancient Anasazi that frequented them, and later the Towa people (the modern day Jemez).

As the name implies, Jemez Springs is abundant with nurturing hot springs – both commercial and primitive – whose healing mineral waters have attracted many here for centuries. In fact, archaeological findings discovered near Soda Dam date back as far as 2,500 BC.

The content of the hot springs at the Jemez bathhouse. Nourishment and healing  for  body, mind, and soul!

AWAKENINGA MASTERY OF EMPOWERMENT, my 3-month online course is open for registrants for another couple of weeks.

If you are longing to free yourself from your ancestral wounding, receive tools and practices to shift your relationship with your “Judge and Victim” and step fully into your personal power, click here to request a 30-minute complimentary session with me to explore if this is a fit for what you are seeking.

Santa Fe, New Mexico” by Cindy Devinis licensed under CC BY 2.0.

I am so excited to announce that I will soon be teaching in-person in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

For those of you in the New Mexico area, keep watching for more information and I can’t wait to meet you!  In person!