Deep Connection (plus some updates)

Bandelier — Ancient cliff dwellings in the ancestral homelands of the Pueblo people.

As I write this, I am a few days from completing an “Emotional and Physical Cleanse” that I and our community participate in every year in the Spring season to bring awareness to our whole self: our physical well-being, our emotional responses, our minds, and our spiritual life. It is a few weeks of bringing our attention to our habits, up-leveling our self-respect with honouring ourselves in our day-to-day activities, and sitting still and quiet to “hear” our subtler guidance. Each year the cleanse is a time of deep reflection that I appreciate and feel the alignment of the renewal of the Spring season in myself.

Many of you know of my deep connection to the southwest high deserts of New Mexico USA. I have spent time in various areas of the state of New Mexico for the past 30 years or more. Even though I was born and raised beside the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of BC Canada and will always have a deep love and familial bond for that gorgeous place, my heart and I feel my soul has had a karmic relationship with the land, the peoples, the culture, the spirit of New Mexico.

Those many years ago found me at my proverbial fork in the road of my life, unfulfilled, in a monotone kind of autopilot existence, knowing in the deepest part of myself, my spirit was starving for more of something I couldn’t even name. My final decision-making guidance came in my dream state in 1988 and I knew then, it was the moment to step up and step into my courage in a way that felt a bit like a free fall.

I left my entire life on the coast and moved to Santa Fe New Mexico, with very little money or plan, other than being accepted in a school to learn how to serve others with healing art modalities. That decision opened the doors that led me to my most powerful spiritual teachers that set me on the path I continue to walk to this day. That same decision introduced me to some of the biggest influencers of my personal and professional life thus far. 

The tug and then the push that moved me down that unknown fork in my road was my heart saying, “Trust me on this one, I know something you can’t see yet!”

I will not lie; it was not easy. It was challenging, exciting, interesting, terrifying, heart opening, confidence building, and healing in too many ways to write about here. I had to learn some truths about myself that I had been hiding under a whole lot of agreements and beliefs that I came to understand weren’t even mine.

As I reflect on that time of my life, I am so grateful that I chose the path that I did and didn’t settle for the comfy fit of ease that was not nourishing my soul in the ways I was hungry for.

Have you ever felt like there is “more” of you that has not been discovered yet? That old programming is keeping you from “stepping up and stepping into” your truth? I would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts in the private Facebook group Loving Transformation with Liz Forrest.

I have been studying, practicing, and teaching wisdom based in Toltec teachings for the past 25 years. I have witnessed firstly myself, change and grow and evolve, time and time again, and have had the great privilege of witnessing many others do the same through these practices and tools.

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Bandelier — Ancient cliff dwellings in the ancestral homelands of the Pueblo people.


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Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

~ Rumi