What makes Community?

(excerpt from Liz’s Spring 2022 Newsletter)

It has been an interesting, challenging, and changing year since we welcomed the Spring Equinox of 2021! Would you agree?And here we are, (in the northern hemisphere), at the time of the Mother Earth’s re-birth with longer days, warmer weather, and buds being drawn into life once again.
I have always trusted that all I need to know, I can find reflected back to me in nature. The changing and challenging transitions we all face as we walk our path, the beauty of simplicity, the teachings and acceptance of endings and completions. The gifts of all that we experience while holding joy, excitement, fear, and sadness perhaps all at once!
A dear friend of mine often says “Joy and grief live in the same house” and I say Ometeotl to that wisdom.I have been in many discussions in my circles in these recent times, exploring how to maintain our grounded centre in ourselves, how to live with open compassionate hearts amidst chaos and how to be brave every chance we get to continue to forge our way through this new way of being that we are all being called to create.
The consistent response to these inquires is always revealed as:being with like-spirited people.having support by being what I call “held and heard” no matter what state we are in, in the moment.being able to share whatever is on our hearts in a safe and caring environment with no fear of judgement.
Having this kind of sanctuary instills renewed Faith in ourselves, cultivates faith in Divinity, faith that we will come through whatever is challenging us because we feel respected and cared for. This is true community in my view.Another element that is helpful, well, for me it’s essential, is actual practices to strengthen my faith in this miraculous journey of living!
If you have not yet received my gift of 3 Practices Of Self-Love please click on the link for the .pdf you can print out to remind you of who you truly are.I appreciate our community deeply and the unique space you each hold in our circle. Thank you for all that you offer every day to be of service in your life.I thank you from my heart to yours for being a part of this community and the new paradigm that we are all maneuvering the very best we can!
If you are not yet a member of my private Facebook group, Loving Transformation With Liz Forrest, I would so love to have you join us to be “held and heard” with a whole bunch of like-spirited folks!
I send each of you blessings and all my love,