Thoughts on Change

(excerpt from Liz’s June 2019 Newsletter)

Everything changes.  Every. single. thing.

Physical structures wear down and need maintenance or replacing.  Our cars wear out, our clothes get shabby, and our favourite mug gets chipped with time and use.  Our roles and jobs may change through the passing of time.  Children don’t need their parents in the same way as they grow up and move out.  Our job roles can change from front line work to management, or from working for others to retirement.  People come into our lives and they also leave our lives through choice, through natural completions, through death.

It seems we can be so surprised when things in our lives change,
even though we know it is the one thing that we can rely on, change is constant and continual.   So when those inevitable changes come, do you lament and stay stuck with the “what was” or flow right into the forward motion of it all?  

I know I have at times caused myself some suffering by keeping one foot in the past while the other foot tries hard to move forward into the space that is now open to receive me.

The Toltecs teach that the Angel of Death is always travelling with us.  That this Angel will take everything from us eventually, even our bodies.  Nothing is ours to keep, all belongs to the Angel of Death.  

In Mexico, the traditions of Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, teach us about honouring the ancestors, that have travelled and opened the path for us in many ways.  In an aware state, this ruthless Angel of Death helps us to accept all the transitions and transformations of our life by reminding us to LIve Life!  

The Angel of Life travels with us also, in synchronicity and with so much love.   All we are required to do is see the Love:  in someone’s eyes, in the natural world, in a deep breath of fresh air.  
Enjoy your self today, open your eyes and see the love that is surrounding you.

I send you mine.