To Practice…

Is to refrain


I hope and trust you are feeling shifts in your self-worth with the morning mirror practice.

The Toltec path is a way of life that taught me that I always have choice. These practices elevated my awareness to see that I can choose to take action in love… or in destruction. 

This philosophy is based on the perception that we don’t really see life at all; what we actually see is our filter system, which is composed of our belief systems, expectations, agreements, and assumptions, based on our domestication and our life experiences.

The practice I am offering you today is the second part of owning your self-worth, of learning HOW to love your precious self.

It is to:

  • From criticizing yourself.
  • Berating yourself.
  • Going against yourself.

Can you relate?

There is a way to become aware of the times in your day that you do the opposite of reclaiming your self-worth, your self-love.

With your morning mirror practice, you are building your energetic foundation of your self-worth, self-love and acceptance of you, exactly as you are.

When you judge yourself; your physical body (“I am so fat!), how you feel about something (“What am I crying about now?”), your intellect (“I am so stupid!”), 

what you are doing is depleting your own ENERGY of worthiness and self-love.

Take a moment to recall a time when someone threw a verbal judgement at you, perhaps a teacher in school, a parent or relative, a boss, an ex-lover. Close your eyes and bring up how your emotional body responded. 

Did you feel sad, hurt, or rejected?

What did you feel in that moment? 

Did you feel loved and valued?

I suspect not.

When you are judging yourself, you are giving yourself that very same experience and depleting your own worthiness. 

Judging yourself is the biggest depletion of your energy.

Self-love is the biggest way to gather all of your energy for your miraculous self.

When we feel loved, we reflect that love out into our family, community and everywhere we go. 

That love starts with us.

I encourage you to become aware of all the times in your day you judge yourself, starting from the moment you open your eyes until you close them at night to sleep. As soon as you hear your self-talk begin to judge how you look, what you said, did or didn’t do, STOP. 

Instead put your hand on your heart and remember: 



Say it out loud!

Hear your own voice holding you exactly as you are.

All my love…