My Great Insight…

I Am


I promised to share my greatest insight that I have received along my path with you.

I receive it again and again, over and over.

In my moments of doubt or confusion, it shows up again for me to embrace.
And I do, with all my love.

My greatest insight is:

I am worthy of love, of happiness, of fulfillment, of my very own unique version of success.

Say it out loud with me, try it on, see how your heart responds.

Of all my dreams, of all my desires, of my joy.

Add some of your own, what are you worthy of?

Throughout my “domestication” and “programming” as a young person and on up through my early adulthood, I was not taught or given a strong reflection of my own worth. Of my value as a human on this earth at this time.

The quest that I described in my previous emails, about my continual search for something and not even knowing what I was searching for…, that something was me — my self-worth, my divinity, which we all hold within us waiting to be discovered.

How would it feel to begin to own your self-worth? Your self-love?

I offer you a simple practice to cultivate and accept your self-worth:
Every morning when you look in the mirror, pause for a few seconds and look into your eyes and say out loud:


Even if it feels uncomfortable at first, keep going.

I promise you will begin to notice subtle shifts in yourself.

It is these subtle shifts that lead to the deeper transformations.

In my next post I will share a simple and deeply profound teaching to help you reclaim your precious self.

All my love…