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The Toltecs teach us that everything on the great Mother Earth is composed of energy. Human, animal, nature, the earth herself. And that us humans have energetic connections to all the people we have interacted with in our lifetime. 

You can imagine that these connections are like filaments of energy or big cords of energy, attaching us to all the people we have interacted with in our life. The strength of these energetic attachments are determined by the effect the interaction with the person has had on us, not necessarily the length of time we have spent with them. For example, our parents or the people who are that parental role for us, that is a big energetic cording. Our families, our friends, our romantic partners, these are also very strong. 

Then there are the experiences that have caused us trauma in our lives. These experiences could be a very short and fleeting time of interaction.

Being robbed in the street for example, a few seconds of having your purse snatched off your shoulder and the thief running away. All of a few seconds, however the energetic cording to that frightening interaction can affect you for the rest of your life.

One of the cornerstone practices on this path, one that was the missing link in my own healing, was learning how to work with my own energy.

I was most aware of my physical body, my feelings and my intellect, my mind. When I began to explore my energy body and those energetic attachments to my past that kept me hooked and repeating the affects of particular experiences, that was the key that changed everything for me.

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