My Love

A Personal Story


I hope the gift you received: 3 SELF-LOVE PRACTICES , “For women ready to discover who they truly are” is of value to you!

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I practice these steps and many others in my current life. I hold myself with deep love and respect and enjoy who I am every day. If you don’t know me yet I am Liz Forrest Master Shamanic Teacher of over 25 years.

Learning how to love myself has been one of the biggest practices of my life and not one easily mastered. 

Can you relate?

So much of my social conditioning growing up was about learning how to fit in with the expectations and demands of the life I was born into.

Though I was pretty good at it, from a very young age I was often questioning if there wasn’t more to life than what I was experiencing. I regularly felt unfulfilled and restless. As I grew up, I had more and more interest in foreign cultures and religions and different spiritual teachings. I continually felt I was searching for something, with no idea what I was actually looking for.

Then I had a turning point. 

A point that slammed me with such a force, I didn’t know if I would survive it. Through my restlessness, I became frustrated and reckless. I immersed myself in a superficial existence of parties, relationships, abusing my health with alcohol, and with little of anything that supported my well-being. 

I felt deeply unfulfilled and the more unfulfilled I became, the more reckless I got. The less self-respect I held. I was so disconnected from myself. 

I was in a spiritual crisis.

I was running fast and furious in the opposite direction from what my soul was truly needing. 

My “wake-up” moment, my shift in consciousness, came on a dark rainy night in the form of a car striking me down in the road I was crossing a few blocks from my home. 

The physical result of the “accident” was multiple fractures throughout the entire left side of my body and months in hospital in traction. The prognosis was that I would never walk again without some form of a mobility aid; a walker, crutches, or even a wheelchair.

I was 18 years old. 

Through the months of time I had in the hospital, I began to deepen my relationship with my heart and soul and make some of the biggest decisions of my life. 

The first decision was that I did not agree with the prognosis. When I was released, I did not take the instruction or drugs that the allopathic doctors offered me. Instead, I pursued Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbology, meditation, and prayer. 

I surrounded myself with all that I could find that nurtured my body, heart and soul in the truest way. As that old saying goes, “It was the best and worst of times.” One I am truly grateful for. A little more than a year passed, and I was on my feet, literally, walking, dancing, and slow jogging. 

You may not have such a traumatic “awakening” as I did, but have you ever felt unfulfilled? Felt like you are in a monotone existence? Meeting your responsibilities, yet longing for something more? 

How did I make this colossal shift? 

For my physical healing and to embrace my true soul’s calling?

Stay tuned, I will be sharing that in my next post.

All my love…