A Dream…

Signs of Guidance


In my last post I shared a very personal story of a challenging and difficult time in my young life. I promised to tell you how I made my colossal shift from a reckless existence towards the path of self-love.

It was a few more years of avoiding and denying my self-love, knowing in my heart that a change was imminent for me, but still not quite ready to take flight into my unknown! 

Have you ever felt that way? Desiring more and building bravery to take the leap? Paying close attention to the subtle signs of guidance leading you on?

My next shift in “awakening” arrived through a dream I had. I dreamt of a place with terra cotta coloured houses with turquoise blue trim around the doors and windows, a high desert land of big cottonwood trees and juniper, piñon and sage growing amidst the red orange coloured rock cliffs. 

I had been applying to massage and healing arts schools in Canada and the USA, to pursue study of the alternative modalities that had helped me (well saved me really) in healing from my “accident”. I wanted to study and learn so I could be of service to people in their healing, as multiple practitioners had been in mine. 

A couple of days after that dream, I received the application and curriculum from The New Mexico Academy of Massage and Advanced Healing Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When I opened the envelope and saw the cover of their brochure, it was exactly the visual of the dream I had had two nights earlier! The houses with the blue turquoise trim made of adobe, the red rocks, the cottonwood trees! 

I had never been to New Mexico and knew very little about the place. I was attracted to their curriculum because of the inclusion of spiritual study as well as academic. I knew this was it, I was being guided in an indisputable way and I knew deep down I could not deny it! It was time to leap! 

I left my life and all that I knew and owned on the west coast of BC, Canada and took “flight” into my unknown with excitement, trust and fear. Oh yes, fear came too.

In my next post I will share one of the biggest gifts I received upon arriving in a completely foreign place to me….

All my love…