Winter Solstice Newsletter

Blessed Solstice 2022!

Winter Solstice is recognized and honoured across the world as the lengthening of the daylight and the sun’s return to us. The light of the sun is returning incrementally, nurturing the newborn life in the seeds buried in the darkness of the earth to emerge once again in the spring beginning a whole new cycle of life.

Right now in the northern hemisphere, we are experiencing the longest nights and the shortest days, more darkness than light. This is a sacred time of rest and reflection before the slow transition toward the sun’s lengthening of the light and our days.

Winter’s energy is a time of going within. Out of the darkness new inspirations emerge. When we consciously connect to nature’s cycles, our own personal growth cycles deepen.

Allowing these energies of inspiration and ideas to build slowly within as we move towards spring, connects us to powerful openings of manifestation for us all.

A practice I have done for many years, is to reflect over the past year in gratitude for all that I have received. As importantly, I acknowledge and honour all that has completed, ended or concluded in the past year. Be it a person, animal, relationship, job, house move, whatever is now not in my life. This can be done in a simple solstice ceremony of your choosing; with a candle, a meditation, a spoken prayer of releasing what the Angel of Death has already taken from you. This creates energetic and emotional space for the new creations to be born with the next cycle of my life as spring emerges.
I am excited to experience what the new life of spring brings to me and I hope you are too!

Power Journey

I and 8 women of power spent Dia de los Muertos, (The Day of the Dead), at our beloved Pyramids of Teotihaucan, Mexico in October/November! 

We received incredible healing, phenomenal energy, deep connections to each other and our families there, and left with expanded hearts and an elevated vibration of love! 

Would you like to bring all that into your precious self any time soon? I would love nothing more than to guide you into the sacred magic of Teotihuacan, which translated from the Nahuatl language means “where human becomes God”. In other words, where us humans receive the gift of connecting to our own Divinity in a deeply profound way.

Next journey: March 30th – April 4th, 2023Welcome your new season of spring growth in the home of the Toltecs!
Click here for more details and to register 
If you would like to reclaim more of yourself and discover how to overcome whatever is holding you back from your empowerment with tools and practices based in Toltec Shamanism, I would love to offer you a free 30 minute introductory session with me. 
To book yours contact: 604-809-7349


“I have had the pleasure to experience three journeys (so far) with Liz to Teotihuacan. In each visit, I have learned how capable I am and that my life is full of energy and possibility. Through Toltec wisdom and practices, I have healed wounds, released old stories and conquered fears. By releasing old beliefs and stagnant energy, I am renewed and empowered in my life.” 

– Kisae

“I highly recommend the “Power Journey” to Teotihuacan, Mexico. Liz Forrest is indeed a Master Teacher. She holds the Toltec Shamanic practices with reverence and high integrity. Liz is well know and respected in the San Sebastian community, the village across the road from the pyramid site of Teotihuacan, where her students are welcomed and accommodated in a beautiful family run inn.

It was so special to be able to go on this journey with a guide so deeply connected and loved by the community. This allowed us access to parts of the pyramids that were closed off to other visitors. Not only that, we also received deep teachings, healing rituals and ceremonies.

I highly recommend Liz and the Power Journey to Teo, as the locals affectionately call this sacred and special place on the planet.”

– Lisa Eddy, Soul + Skin Mentor & Sacred Beauty Lifestyle Podcast Host