The Mother Book

The Mother Book is an intensive Toltec program that develops the tool of ‘witnessing’ yourself being your Mother’s child, objectively, without blame or judgment.

The intent is to discover your lifelong perspective of your Mother and to identify and disengage from belief systems that no longer serve you. To be in whole, complete relationship with who your Mother is/was and your relation to her, not only as her child but as another human being on the planet.  Often we search for “Mother Love” in our adult relationships, by re-creating the dynamics of our unmet childhood needs, until we recognize and heal these emotional “Mother” wounds.

This process offers the deepest healing for ourselves, as we explore the most profound connection of this life, our experiences of the person who, very literally, brought us here.

The Mother Book is, essentially, NOT about the person you call Mother; it is about your perception of your Mother and “MotherLove”. This practice is life changing and is some of the deepest healing we can offer ourselves, whether your Mother is alive or passed or whether you knew her or not. 

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