Shamanic Breakthrough Session

If you would like to reclaim more of yourself and discover how to overcome whatever is holding you back from your empowerment, claim a 30-minute Complimentary Shamanic Breakthrough session to experience more clarity, energy and confidence.

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email: or phone: 1-604-809-7349

“I guide individuals to heal and transform untrue limiting beliefs about themselves, reclaim their energy from their past and become their most authentic and empowered selves through practices and tools based in Toltec Shamanism.”

Liz Forrest is a teacher of the Toltec practices.

Offering Toltec teachings for over two decades, as she has learned them, is a contribution Liz is passionate to provide her students. As a teacher, Liz Forrest is dedicated to encouraging people to live their full potential.

Liz was introduced to the Toltec Path by don Miguel Ruiz Sr., author of The Four Agreements and Bernadette Vigil, one of don Miguel’s first apprentices and author of The Mastery of Awareness. Liz apprenticed with Bernadette Vigil for 10 years and began teaching in 1996.

Liz received Teacher Certification Training from don Miguel Ruiz Sr. from 2002-2004. Liz continues to study with an indigenous mentor of Toltec heritage, Don Valentin Cervantes, in Teotihuacan, Mexico, as she has for over 25 years.

AWARENESS is the true foundation of the spiritual warrior. Learn how to heighten your awareness and discover your impeccability, in other words, learn the correct use of your energy.

Discover what belief systems and agreements no longer serve you and keep you replaying the same old patterns, habits, and actions in your life.

Learn energy practices and techniques that will heal your past and reclaim all of you “you” to live in the present with choice and joy.

The Shamanic practice of “Stalking” your energy lines is a profound and in-depth exploration enabling you to reclaim the fragments of your energy field that are “stuck or hooked” to past experiences preventing you from stepping into your present and live your life with choice and freedom.

“These teachings have been the missing element in my own healing.They are powerful practices that have withstood two thousand years to be here with us today, in these current fast paced times. They offer brilliant guidance and sustainable wellbeing in our modern world.I am honoured to share with students and assist people to reclaim their personal power.”
– Liz Forrest


Loving Transformation with Liz Forrest