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I love this time of year! Spring is a time of new ideas, new opportunities and growth!  I’m thrilled to announce my latest offering – Transformation Tuesdaywith Liz Forrest!

Starting next week, April 18th, join me LIVE every Tuesday at 11am PT/12noon MT for a transformative 15-minute session in my private Facebook group:

Loving Transformation with Liz Forrest

I’ll be sharing practices,  insights, and inspiration to help you achieve your goals, improve your awareness and get more clarity in your life!

“Transformation Tuesday” is the perfect opportunity to connect with like-spirited  individuals in my ever-growing community and share heart-centred time LIVE with me.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! Click here to join my private Facebook group and get ready to transform your Tuesdays! See you soon!

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Spring 2023 Newsletter

Happy Spring Equinox to You!

Blessed renewal, balance, and aligning with the cycle of nature, as we move into more light and less darkness in our days in the northern hemisphere. A time for “planting our seeds of Intent” for a season of new ideas, growth, and creation.

Many of us in our community participate in an “emotional and physical cleanse” for a few weeks before Spring, to prepare our bodies, minds, our emotional bodies, and to deepen our connection to our Divinity.

I visited one of my favourite places here in New Mexico on the weekend, Jemez springs on the Jemez Pueblo, to sit in the natural mineral springs, to cleanse and nourish my body, to quiet my mind, and to reflect on the waters I am privileged to have access to.

One of the natural hot springs near the Jemez bathhouse.

The Native people consider the waters to be sacred.
Long before the stagecoach brought white settlers here, the Native people of the area used these hot springs for healing and spiritual activities. Centuries ago, it was the ancient Anasazi that frequented them, and later the Towa people (the modern day Jemez).

As the name implies, Jemez Springs is abundant with nurturing hot springs – both commercial and primitive – whose healing mineral waters have attracted many here for centuries. In fact, archaeological findings discovered near Soda Dam date back as far as 2,500 BC.

The content of the hot springs at the Jemez bathhouse. Nourishment and healing  for  body, mind, and soul!

AWAKENINGA MASTERY OF EMPOWERMENT, my 3-month online course is open for registrants for another couple of weeks.

If you are longing to free yourself from your ancestral wounding, receive tools and practices to shift your relationship with your “Judge and Victim” and step fully into your personal power, click here to request a 30-minute complimentary session with me to explore if this is a fit for what you are seeking.

Santa Fe, New Mexico” by Cindy Devinis licensed under CC BY 2.0.

I am so excited to announce that I will soon be teaching in-person in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

For those of you in the New Mexico area, keep watching for more information and I can’t wait to meet you!  In person!

The Key…



The Toltecs teach us that everything on the great Mother Earth is composed of energy. Human, animal, nature, the earth herself. And that us humans have energetic connections to all the people we have interacted with in our lifetime. 

You can imagine that these connections are like filaments of energy or big cords of energy, attaching us to all the people we have interacted with in our life. The strength of these energetic attachments are determined by the effect the interaction with the person has had on us, not necessarily the length of time we have spent with them. For example, our parents or the people who are that parental role for us, that is a big energetic cording. Our families, our friends, our romantic partners, these are also very strong. 

Then there are the experiences that have caused us trauma in our lives. These experiences could be a very short and fleeting time of interaction.

Being robbed in the street for example, a few seconds of having your purse snatched off your shoulder and the thief running away. All of a few seconds, however the energetic cording to that frightening interaction can affect you for the rest of your life.

One of the cornerstone practices on this path, one that was the missing link in my own healing, was learning how to work with my own energy.

I was most aware of my physical body, my feelings and my intellect, my mind. When I began to explore my energy body and those energetic attachments to my past that kept me hooked and repeating the affects of particular experiences, that was the key that changed everything for me.

Now that you are ready to finally heal your past, your ancestral wounding and live in your true empowerment, I invite you to claim a Personal Power Breakthrough. 

It is a one-on-one 30-minute session on Zoom. 

In this session you will receive:

  • a personalized mini plan of awakening,
  • a realization of what is limiting you (and how to shift it), 
  • a feeling of inner peace and possibility. 

We will also explore if working with me further is a fit for you.

I have a few of these Personal Power Breakthroughs available right now

and they are complimentary for a limited time.

Claim yours while I still have openings.

Simply reply with this link to book.

All my love…


To Practice…

Is to refrain


I hope and trust you are feeling shifts in your self-worth with the morning mirror practice.

The Toltec path is a way of life that taught me that I always have choice. These practices elevated my awareness to see that I can choose to take action in love… or in destruction. 

This philosophy is based on the perception that we don’t really see life at all; what we actually see is our filter system, which is composed of our belief systems, expectations, agreements, and assumptions, based on our domestication and our life experiences.

The practice I am offering you today is the second part of owning your self-worth, of learning HOW to love your precious self.

It is to:

  • From criticizing yourself.
  • Berating yourself.
  • Going against yourself.

Can you relate?

There is a way to become aware of the times in your day that you do the opposite of reclaiming your self-worth, your self-love.

With your morning mirror practice, you are building your energetic foundation of your self-worth, self-love and acceptance of you, exactly as you are.

When you judge yourself; your physical body (“I am so fat!), how you feel about something (“What am I crying about now?”), your intellect (“I am so stupid!”), 

what you are doing is depleting your own ENERGY of worthiness and self-love.

Take a moment to recall a time when someone threw a verbal judgement at you, perhaps a teacher in school, a parent or relative, a boss, an ex-lover. Close your eyes and bring up how your emotional body responded. 

Did you feel sad, hurt, or rejected?

What did you feel in that moment? 

Did you feel loved and valued?

I suspect not.

When you are judging yourself, you are giving yourself that very same experience and depleting your own worthiness. 

Judging yourself is the biggest depletion of your energy.

Self-love is the biggest way to gather all of your energy for your miraculous self.

When we feel loved, we reflect that love out into our family, community and everywhere we go. 

That love starts with us.

I encourage you to become aware of all the times in your day you judge yourself, starting from the moment you open your eyes until you close them at night to sleep. As soon as you hear your self-talk begin to judge how you look, what you said, did or didn’t do, STOP. 

Instead put your hand on your heart and remember: 



Say it out loud!

Hear your own voice holding you exactly as you are.

All my love…


My Great Insight…

I Am


I promised to share my greatest insight that I have received along my path with you.

I receive it again and again, over and over.

In my moments of doubt or confusion, it shows up again for me to embrace.
And I do, with all my love.

My greatest insight is:

I am worthy of love, of happiness, of fulfillment, of my very own unique version of success.

Say it out loud with me, try it on, see how your heart responds.

Of all my dreams, of all my desires, of my joy.

Add some of your own, what are you worthy of?

Throughout my “domestication” and “programming” as a young person and on up through my early adulthood, I was not taught or given a strong reflection of my own worth. Of my value as a human on this earth at this time.

The quest that I described in my previous emails, about my continual search for something and not even knowing what I was searching for…, that something was me — my self-worth, my divinity, which we all hold within us waiting to be discovered.

How would it feel to begin to own your self-worth? Your self-love?

I offer you a simple practice to cultivate and accept your self-worth:
Every morning when you look in the mirror, pause for a few seconds and look into your eyes and say out loud:


Even if it feels uncomfortable at first, keep going.

I promise you will begin to notice subtle shifts in yourself.

It is these subtle shifts that lead to the deeper transformations.

In my next post I will share a simple and deeply profound teaching to help you reclaim your precious self.

All my love…