“Firewalking opens the door of possibility in all areas of one’s life and is the most immediate form of transformation I have experienced.”                     -Liz Forrest

FIREWALKING has been done around the globe for 6000 years as a ceremony of healing and empowerment to realize true potential.

Come and share in your impeccable connection with the elements and the divine inspiration that is the practice of FIREWALKING.

Liz Forrest was certified as a Firewalking Instructor by the SUNDOOR INTERNATIONAL FIREWALKING SCHOOL.

To host the FIREWALK CEREMONY in your area, contact thekiva@me.com

Please note:  In respect for the ceremony, please leave all electronic devices at home.  Photographs or recordings of any kind will not be permitted.  Thank you.

Details for the next Firewalk Ceremony:

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Pre-registration is required.

email   thekiva@me.com

phone  1-604-809-7349