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Liz Forrest leads Toltec Teaching classes and guides you on your personal journey to energetic freedom. In these classes you will learn to bring awareness to all levels of your life and live from a genuine place of empowerment. For more information please visit our Teachings page here at lizforrest.ca

Journeys To Teotihuacan, Mexico

Travel and journey with Liz Forrest to the ancient city of Teotihuacan, Mexico, the birthplace of the Toltecs. Liz has lead journeys to the magnificent pyramids for the last two decades. Beyond travelling to a UNESCO World Heritage site, you will be guided on a profound sacred journey of Toltec ceremony. For more information, please visit our Journeys To Teotihuacan page here at lizforrest.ca

Online Sessions

Whether you are new to the Toltec Teachings or continuing your practice you can now book with Liz Forrest for individual consultations or group online Toltec Teaching sessions. Stay tuned for upcoming events and webinars.

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